This video is just another way to show that we are all quite similar,
that we all live in our Own Worlds,
not just those labelled “Mildly Autistic” or “Aspergers”.

Music can convey the message better than just saying it.

That being the case,
we should be trying to include such people,
not differentiating ourselves from them.

There is no “us” and “them”,
as the song shows us, 
we are all “them” !

This is also a message to those with the “label”:
“There is no gulf between you and “us”,
don’t get sold the popular fable that there is.!”
How many videos have I seen where young
more-autistic kids have been explaining why they are different,
when two-thirds of the time the states they describe
apply to all of us, most of the time!

Yes there may be a matter of degree of such states
that each person experiences,
but rather than highlight them, and infer the differences
are irreconcilable, Believe that 
if you want to change
your emphasis, you can.

A better start: Instead of being told by others you are different,
You get told this: “Yes, you are more-autistic than some,
but we are all autistic, it’s just a matter of degree –
– and you can change that degree if you want to –
there is no barrier, no gulf, between you and me”

And so the song shows.
Thanks Mark!

if you are time-short,
click into his video at about 2.18.

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