Introduction: Would You like to experience autism?

In the forthcoming “You experience autism” series, you will probably notice how easy it is for you to personally identify with the autistic states you experience.

Would this surprise you? Probably, if you thought of yourself as quite different, but not if you have come to the same conclusion as me, that our brain-wirings all operate quite similarly, the small difference between you and an “autistic” person being the degree of sensitivity .

That is why I prefer the terms “more-autistic” and “less-autistic” to describe us all: we all have autistic orientation (living in our own worlds a lot of the time) it is just a matter of degree.

A stronger “own world” orientation over time does make a greater and greater difference between people however. That is why the Real World Training concentrates on maximising the amount of Real World contact, and increasing it over time, so that the paths of the more-autistic do not diverge more and more, rather less and less. I graphically represent this in the final box in the “you experience” series, called “What happens over time” : click here to go to that box.

Humans are “brain-freaks”: certainly we would never have survived as a species otherwise, being inferior to other animals in almost every other respect. Other animals are guided more by instinct, ‘flying on auto-pilot’, so to speak. But we brain-freaks have to ‘work more of it out’ ourselves. Our brain is both our strength and our weakness, as we find it hard to keep control of that high-powered but mercurial freak organ, and getting it to “straighten up and fly right” occupies us all to a large extent. There are many different varieties of malfunction, which also vary in their degree.

So let us not create an “us-them” attitude, but rather compassion for those really quite similar. Let us rather create an attitude that with confidence and courage we can make the world of difference. Through our better understanding and determination we can help those more autistically-affected to “train their brains” to fire in more effective ways.

And if there is one thing we have learned from recent neuro-science discoveries, it is that we can make a difference, we can make actual physical changes to the brain, simply by what we think.

 – and here is where we start to learn how…!

(FOOTNOTE: your boy or girl may not display all the attitudes described, for example very-mildly autistic people may only express an excessive need to Control; or obsession with own thoughts, which are probably the most prevalent traits. But in the following boxes you will experience the “full range”)

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